Acquire new customers through content.

Increase brand awareness, engagement and sales with your publishers’ audience.



  • Shoppable video, images and links
  • Your products ready to be tagged
  • Personal account management
  • Real-time product information
  • Highly secured databases
  • PCI compliancy

Sell your products at the moment of inspiration

The Monotote Technology allows customers to purchase products directly from images and videos without redirection from the publishers’ websites.


Increase engagement

The Monotote Technology builds on the creation of premium content around your products. Guiding customers all the way through the sales funnel, whilst improving their customer journey.

  • Increase the number of product views.
  • Incentivize content production.

Raise awareness

Combine your brands need to create awareness with the ability to display real-time product information at every click.

  • Monetize content and reach all together.
  • Raise presence on your publishers’ websites.

Boost conversion

Use Monotote as the delivery system of your shop to all publishers connected via your affiliate programme. For publishers it is just one easy installation of our plugin and your shop is on their site.

  • Shorten the sales funnel and decrease early drop off.
  • Bring your branded shopping cart to the shopper.

Here’s how Monotote works

Starting up with Monotote is quick and intuitive. Simply let us connect with your product feed and checkout process.

Monotote get started

We load your products into our database.

Monotote’s shopping engine downloads product data from a provided API, feed or straight from your webshop.


The publishers tag up your products.

Publishers tag your products in images, videos or create links and create inspirational content around your products.


You are set up! Start receiving more orders.

You will stay the merchant of record. The order is processed as if it were a normal order through your webshop.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to learn more on how Monotote can help you achieve your business goals.

Forward-thinking business trust Monotote

Learn how Monotote makes it easy for businesses to monetize, increase engagement and conversion.

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