Contextual commerce is the next stage in digital retail. Monotote’s technology leads the way.

Guidelines for Advertisers

Monotote enables advertisers to sell products to consumers at the moment they want to buy – purchasing at the point of inspiration.Consumers see the retailer’s products in the right context – presented by quality publishers producing quality content to drive sales easily and effectively. Monotote’s Buy Buttons can easily be added by an editor to an image or video, so that products are presented in the best way possible, inspiring consumers to click and purchase without ever leaving their favorite site.

Whenever a publisher does an article or gallery on the Ten Best Jackets for Skiing, the best skin-care products or a video of Great Hiking Routes, each can be simply tagged with Monotote Buy Buttons to drive the sale.

Monotote’s cutting-edge technology means that out-of-stock products are never shown to a customer.

No technical integration needed, super fast setup.

The advertiser is always in control of the transaction: customer communications, delivery, returns, billing, customer and credit card data is all handled and by the retailer.

How to join Monotote on Awin

To join Monotote on Awin, simply click here and fill out the simple form. We will come back to you within 3 working days to complete the sign-up. We’ll liaise with you on the process to build a Monotote shopping engine that delivers real-time product information for publishers. There are two ways that Monotote works with retailers for real-time product information:

  • A real-time feed provided through API from the retailer;
  • Monotote scans or scrapes the web shop of the retailer and downloads the products.

How secure is Monotote? The key questions answered.

At Monotote, we have spent more than three years building super-secure technology and worked with many advertisers and retailers to ensure that any concerns over security, privacy and data protection are dealt with. We know that this is a prime concern for all sites and have addressed all the key issues.

Is there potential for the tool to be hijacked by third parties to make mass or fraudulent transactions?

The plugin only interacts with Monotote’s APIs. It would be impossible to place an order, except through our APIs.

Our servers are highly secure, we are also PCI compliant.

We pass the order info through via our secure API. We’re sending the user information over a SSL connection to our databases, in multiple steps, and highly encrypted.

We could activate a reCaptcha in our plugin as well.

Are you compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard?

We are entirely PCI compliant and have worked closely with the PCI Council to ensure that our servers and technology are secure.

Can a reCaptcha be activated?

Yes, we have the capability to use reCaptcha to identify that a customer is human, rather than a robot.

What is the general security in place?

We use the same checkout and payment options as provided by advertisers. Our orders are passed through, not proxied.
The orders are injected into your checkout via our highly secure back-end systems, not through a Javascript plugin.
The Javascript only talks to our API. It makes direct calls to our API servers from the client’s (user/customer’s) browser. All in a single window, the validation and verification happens at the API side as well as on the retailer side at time of order.

Who processes the payment and handles the transaction?

Monotote doesn’t process the actual payment, which means the client that orders via Monotote is still the client of the advertiser. Monotote is not the merchant of record but the advertiser is.

What is the security in place to protect a customer’s data? Does Monotote receive and own the customer data too? Does the publisher receive any customer data?

We store certain information on our servers so we can use it for data analytics.
Monotote will never sell it or share it with 3rd parties unless the advertiser approves of it.
You can decide if you want to share the information with the publishers or not. If you do, the publisher can access a CSV export with the client data.
Monotote stores this data in its highly secured databases.

How secure is credit card data?

We’re placing orders on behalf of the consumer (client/user) with their approval-via a checkbox.We do not store credit cards. We pass card info through on every order, via our secure API. We’re sending the user information over a SSL connection to our databases, in multiple steps, and highly encrypted.

After injecting the payment information in the retailer’s checkout we immediately remove the payment data from our servers.

The payment information that we’re storing for this limited time (1-2 seconds), is stored in multiple (temporary) pieces in multiple memory tables, and of course it’s encrypted as well.

Every part of the process is HTTPS, from adding to cart, to placing an order.

We also secure our CDN delivery. Yes, someone can spoof DNS on a local network, but the plugin only interacts with our APIs. It would be impossible to place an order, except through our APIs. To clarify once more, the plugin does not place any orders and does not communicate directly to retailers.

These are not iframes.

Can you validate your security controls?

We have been vetted and approved by very large e-tailers like Zalando, Affiliate networks like Awin.
We have partnered with big publishers like Sanoma, all of these companies would never work with us – or approve our technology- if it was not up to their high standards concerning security and privacy.
An advertiser can rest assured that they are in good hands with Monotote.