eBay “Instant checkout” now available

We are excited to announce that eBay have chosen Monotote as their distributed e-commerce provider to power all purchases that take place outside of the eBay platform.  

This exciting partnership opens eBay “Instant checkout” to all publishers and bloggers.

With over 1 billion eBay products in our data base across the USA and UK this is the biggest marketplace to date in our publisher dashboard with an amazing selection of products available to monetize!

But there is more!

As well as eBay we now have over 100 brands available to start “auto” tagging on your website. Sign up today for a Monotote account and bring the retailer’s branded shopping cart to your website. Engage your audience where and when they are inspired through shoppable videos, ads, images, links and buttons.

Already an eBay publisher? Sign up for a Monotote account or log into your Monotote dashboard to activate eBay and start tagging products.

Not yet an eBay publisher? Follow this link to sign up for an account on the EPN platform so you can start earning your commission.