4 new ways for publishers to increase Affiliate Marketing revenues

Making online content profitable is a constant challenge for the majority of publishers in the UK. Although many websites and blogs welcome a vast amount of visitors each day, it demands innovative and creative solutions to convert these numbers into solid and sustainable revenue.   Here are 4 ways to get profitability up:

1. Monetize content directly

Instead of regular advertising – often blocked by ad blockers – actual content can be monetized by enabling visitors to purchase products at the point of inspiration. By allowing publishers to provide on-site purchasing for their readers, content makers will finally be able to get more value for their inspiration and information. Adding a layer of e-commerce can transform every new and existing article about products into a source of revenue. Publishers can get started in no time by simply placing buy buttons onto photos and videos. See how this works by clicking here    

2. Offer the service of real-time product information

Engaging visitors by offering real-time product information on the publisher’s website without redirecting them to an advertiser’s site is a great added value for users and publishers. Whilst reading articles and browsing a website every visitor should be able to get additional and relevant information without any hassle. A shopping basket will do the trick. It is a nonintrusive way to proceed in a pleasant and informed customer journey.  

3. Stop redirecting and get more product & page views

Affiliate Marketing is built on the principle of redirection, leading traffic away to advertisers and partners. Publishers often build their revenue by growing reach and generating traffic, putting their other revenue streams under pressure. Instead, publishers can focus on tools that, on the one hand, increase product views and turn visitors into more qualified leads and, on the other hand, increase page views to support more traditional revenue streams. Implementing a storefront and an integrated shopping basket topped up with automated product recognition would be a giant step in the right direction.  

4. Shorten the sales funnel

Making the effort to generate traffic is not always fairly compensated for if a publisher’s website is not the last shackle in the chain. The last click attribution model is reason enough to shorten and sweeten the customer journey, making a purchase as easy as possible. The more inspired, informed and well educated a consumer can become from a website, the less intermediary steps they will need before making a purchase. This means that every publisher should create / dictate / control its own customer journey, mapping behaviour and leading its own traffic towards the most desirable target. Click here to see how this could work for your website.  

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